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Workability and adherent strength are excellent with its characteristic close adherent when compressed.
Excellent character of closed cell(AS-1213) such as heat, cold, ozone and weatherproof are similar to that of open cell(AS-1100), hence the products are widely being used where rebound elasticity and water tightness are needed i.e. lamp gasket.
We have developed applicable material for electric industry, electronic industry and building materials..
The products also are applicable materials needed for long durable life goods with its excellent heat & cold resistant, weatherproof and ozone resistant.
- Application : sealing materials for automotive, insulation, filling material, soundproof for air conditioner, water chiller.
- Item Code No. AS-1100, AS-1100F, AS-1101, AS-1213 & AS-1213F
- AS-1100F & AS-1213F : Flame retardant
The products have a character of anti abrasion, resistance to oxidation, ozone, sun light and also have a rebound elasticity,
hence, The products are well recognized as representing rubber sponges for industry concerned.
- Application : material for anti vibration, sound proof, water proof, sealing materials, lamp gasket, seals, electronic gadget.
- Item Code No. AS-5120
The products have a character of oil resistant, anti-abrasion, chemicals resistant, anti-aging, strong tensile strength, long durable life, while a little bit mild against ozone and a mild rebound elasticity.
- Application : O-ring, gasket etc.
- Item Code No. AS-5135
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